October 23rd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 25 October 2019

After talking it over with Connie, Elly decides to hold off on telling John about the car accident until he gets home so as to spoil the good time that she doesn't know that he's not actually having.

Panel 1: Later that day, we find Elly talking to Connie about the accident. She explains that she's been driving for twenty years and never had one before before explaining that it wasn't her fault.

Panel 2: She then goes all panicky because she doesn't know how to tell John that his car got smashed because it's his baby and he loves the car.

Panel 3: Connie tells her to wait until he gets home from the convention. Elly agrees because she'd hate to have to spoil the good time he's having in Ottawa.

Panel 4: We go to Ottawa so we can get vintage homophobic humor that has Doctor Shotgun tell a surprised John that if he hugs him one more time, he's sleeping in the tub.

Summary: Not only did Pervrett drive his car into the Overcompensationmobile, he also managed to make three plot threads collide: Elly's panicky dread of what people will say about what she did, Lynn's need to inflict pain on Rod by proxy for leaving her field of vision and Lynn's need to pretend that it's still the fatuous fifties.