October 22nd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Today's strip in which Elly assumes sight unseen that John will beat the shit out of her because Velocity Boy rammed into his joy wagon is one I take mildly personally. Not only does it show us where Liz gets the idea she'll be tanned raw, this morose pile of slop happened to go online the day my mom passed away.

Panel 1: Pervrett tells the same self-serving version of the accident story he does in the trial by saying "So the light turned green, right? So, I'm comin'through the intersection an'she like decides to turn left" because women drivers amirite?

Panel 2: He stands there with a frown on his face when she tells the constable on scene the truth: she didn't see him because he came from behind a school bus.

Panel 3: PC Plod asks her for her licence and registration before noting that it's her husband's car and asks her if she has any injuries.

Panel 4: She looks forward to a beating that will never take place and goes all goggle-eyed as she says "Not yet."

Summary: What Lynn and Elly tend to forget is that John isn't going to be interested in taking things out on her because John would much rather kick the tar out of Longhair McLyingPieceOfShit for hurting his car and scaring his wife in no set order. This ends up costing her because her being a panicky idiot worried about something that ain't going to happen makes her look guilty and thus means that we're treated to Lynn's inability to understand or care that Canada and the US have different legal systems.
Snarky Candiru2


Latinx Michael Patterson: Baldo is excessively honest about blowing off the evil schoolwork of telling the evil lie that he needs to know about things that aren't motherfucking cars.

Betty: Betty no longer finds joy looking through her idea of porn (hint: it's the IKEA catalogue).

Dick Tracy: And since we're talking about old movies, it makes sense that Vitamin is in the rotation again.

Curtis: Once again, it's funny and cute that Barry is a malicious little sack of shit who can dish it out but can't take it.

White People Problems: Once again, the hateful jerk at the temp agency is funny because she treats Dustin like a shitheel.

Judge Parker: All seems to be right in Alan's world right now that Katherine is back.

Sally Forth: Jackie's jazzing things up seems to have finally created an interest in Tasha's store.