October 21st, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

It turns out that the person Elly collided with is the dude from the salon with the long hair that made her go all gobsmacked last Spring.

Panel 1: As we all know, we zoom out to see what went SCREEE-BANG into John's car: some asshole in a sedan thought that he or she had to be wherever s/he was going so fucking quickly, s/he jolly well could pass a school bus on the right.

Panel 2: We see the aggressive clod from the back to see that whoever it is has long hair declaring the situation s/he blundered into being reckless just great.

Panel 3: As a horrified Elly looks on, somebody who looks a damned sight like that choad Radcliffe asks the two ladies to get their car out of the intersection.

Panel 4: Since Lynn is a square from way back there, it's meant to come as big a shock to us as it does to Baldy Guy that the other 'lady' is the jackass from the salon telling the bozo to shove it up his exhaust 'cause this is none of his business.

Summary: It turns out that our boy has himself a surname that Lynn thinks that a man with long hair deserves: Pervrett. The Tory dimwit in her is gonna think that a man with long hair wants to be a girl or something and that's why he's named that.

DID SHE REALLY....? Part The Second

Very pleased at the response to my post a little less than two weeks ago, but I came up with another few and I know that no one's actually going to read a new message if I put it in the initial thread now that said thread has been pushed off the front page. Besides, at least one of these may be worth a thread all its own.

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