October 16th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Having to drive the Overcompensationmobile makes Elly so nervous, she forgets minor details like "not dying of carbon monoxide poisoning."

Panel 1: As John heads off to the land of overbooked hotels, we find ourselves back at home watching Elly tell Mike that she'll drop him off on the way to the library because he's a bit late for the school bus.

Panel 2: We then find them in the car learning that Elly has never gotten behind the wheel of the damned thing. After telling him this, she says something else that reminds us of a problem. Said thing is "Depress clutch, put gear into Neutral" and tells us that Elly is not used to using a manual transmission.

Panel 3: Mike then tries to warn her of something she has neglected to do only to be told to be quiet because she's focused solely on driving the car.

Panel 4: We switch to an exterior view of the garage to see that the garage door is closed so that Mike can ask her "Shouldn't you have opened the garage door first?"

Summary: What most people forget when they talk about aggressive drivers being a menace is that what's equally a hazard are drivers who are intimidated by their vehicle like Elly is. As I said Tuesday, she's too damned self-conscious to drive the sports car and it ends up costing her a bit.