October 8th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

John does something a lot of doctors and dentists seem to do when he hides his opinion of a lousy patient by putting an abbreviation in Mrs Divot's chart.

Panel 1: As Mrs Divot and Trevor leave, John speaks to her as if he's talking to her on the phone when he says "Yes, Mrs Divot, call us any time. No, we won't overcharge. If you're unsatisfied, call us any time. Yes, my home number is listed."

Panel 2: As they head out the door, John tells his receptionist that he likes to make small notations about his patients on their charts before telling her to write PITN on Mrs Divot's chart.

Panel 3: She asks if that means "periodontal inflammation - treatment necessary."

Panel 4: He replies by stage-whispering "pain in the neck." This is because this is a family strip and we cannot have him put PITA (standing for pain in the arse) on her charts.

Summary: Now that Mrs Divot has served her purpose of showing us how John deals with the disruptive patients, let's see him interact with people who don't try his patience. (See, Lynn....THAT is how you repeat words.)


Hey everyone! I must apologize how infrequent my participation has been for several years now. I've always liked this community and it was a central hub of snark for me when FBOW was winding down over a decade ago. I miss it here and there and would love to participate more, but it does seem that to do so I'd have to start reading FBOW reruns and that's a bridge too far.

Anyway, being away from this community, and more importantly, being away from full-time modern-day FOOB updates for just over a decade now has allowed me to look back over the storylines and developments in a new light. Maybe it's my own development, or maybe it's just that when you read a comic strip regularly for years, you tend to overlook just how absurd the world LJ has presented truly is.

In light of that, I've decided to create a new post about a new game of mine entitled, as above, DID SHE REALLY....? Basically it's both a test of my potentially faulty memory as well as a reflection of just how absurd FOOB got. I indicate something I remember from my days of reading FBOW and all its supplemental material (usually updated for me since I wouldn't actually read those damn letters most months) and wonder.... DID SHE REALLY....?

So let's begin!
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