October 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Canadian Thanksgiving 2018

We lead into the "Elly gets run into by Velocity Boy" arc with a week-long reminder that John is under a crapload of stress because his patients tax his patience. We lead off with his reacting strongly in the negative to getting a female Patient From Hell named Mrs Divot.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at John's office watching one of his staff asking him if he remembers a Mrs Divot who has the annoying habit of making appointments and never showing up. We see him looking as if he's working on something when he says that uh-huh, he does.

Panel 2: She then reminds him that he said that if she ever did call him again to book her for lunch hour so she wouldn't waste her time. As he goes over what looks like paperwork, he says "Uh-huh" again because he does remember that.

Panel 3: As Lynn changes the camera angle (because she can only draw people eating in profile) and zooms out to show that he was working on is the salad he brought from home, he gags on his lunch because hey, presto, she's there.

Summary: As one call tell by the funny name, Mrs Divot is a Milborough Mutant who ditches appointments, bounces cheques, won't control her teeming get and suffers from what doctors call 'lordyosis': the habit of yelling "Oh, LORDY!!" when dental instruments are brought within five meters of her mouth. This reminds us that John is under a lot of stress and won't take kindly to crap at home.