October 3rd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 5 October 2018

John makes a semi-ironic comment about the stand-up row touched off by Phil's being a fucking numbskull who confuses "listening to his wife" with "being neutered."

Panel 1: As Phil and John strain themselves doing a job for which they are horribly underqualified to do (namely, push a piano up a ramp), Phil's Idiot White Male Rage is amplified by his wife making buzzing noises telling him to hurry it up because the mattresses are getting soaked.

Panel 2: She then reminds him that she told him to hire a U-Haul and get more people to help before asking him why he never listens to her.

Panel 3: We find ourselves inside watching John and Elly carry ineptly-packed belongings. As they do so, John reminds her that they say death, divorce and moving are the three most stressful occasions in a person's life.

Panel 4: As they watch the stand-up row touched off by Phil being a massive, weeping dickhole who confuses "behaving like a sane adult" with "being publicly castrated by a weed-eater", they collapse as he states that they're about to witness all three things.

Summary: I think I know why it was that Alan tended to object to Phil's characterization as a knuckle-dragging oaf whining about growing up like he's a fucking child who won't eat his God-damn spinach. It might be as equally obvious to everyone reading this forum.