October 2nd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 4 October 2018: You've brought shame on yer people, Bargain Basement Maynard G Krebs.

We continue being reminded that Phil and Georgia have wildly different visions of practicality when we see her wet, angry and miserable because she's been asked to steady mattresses and an upright piano on the bed of a half-ton because her nitwit husband takes "practical" to mean "the least cost."

Panel 1: A short while later, we find ourselves watching Phil announce that they've got one more load to go: the piano and mattresses. Given that a specialized mover is de rigeur for the former, having Phil half-ass it like this is proof that Lynn sat in a hotel room waiting for the movers to come in so she could come home to a furnished home when she did move.

Panel 2: He then turns his head and yells out the back at Georgia to ask if she's okay back there. She claims to be okay but this is a lie because it's starting to rain rather heavily.

Panel 3: As it continues to sluice the Hell down, she insists that yes, yes, she is okay.

Panel 4: As the rain drenches her and the uncovered piano and mattresses, she grimaces in rage and thought-bubbles "But don't ask me if I'm happy."

Summary: This is what we call adding insult to injury. It is also called 'grounds for divorce' and 'an affirmative defence for murder.' What it is not is sensible, practical behaviour or any sort of indication that Phil cares about her physical or mental well-being. Also, we must remember that Lynn's primary audience IS Lynn so it's a non-starter to try to explain to her how stupid this is; the result is incoherent blubbering about hating happiness and goodness and wanting her to suffer and die and so on and so forth.