September 30th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

When Georgia tells Phil that she would like something to secure the load he stupidly placed on the bed of that damned half-ton, he commits suicide by making her sit on top of the load.

Panel 1: Now that the move itself has begun, we focus on Phil and John straining as they load a dresser drawer into the bed of the half-ton. As they do so, he gasps for breath and asks why they have so much stuff.

Panel 2: Georgia points to the ineptly arranged load and says that she doesn't trust their belongings on the back of the truck and suggests that he find a way to stop it from banging around.

Panel 3: We then see that Phil has decided that he no longer wishes to live; he signifies this by putting his wife on top of the load of crap he's busy smashing to bits. Such is Georgia's astonishment at his lack of chivalry and good sense that her face morphs into Elly's.

Summary: Not only is this another dick move that he should be ashamed of, it's also illegal these days and, if memory serves, had been illegal ten years before this went online.