September 27th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 29 September 2018

We end the arc getting hammered over the head with how 'ancient' Elly and Connie are via the subtle-as-a-mallet punchline that insists that only people in their seventies think that the two of them are young.

Panel 1: We resume watching two out of shape women in their late thirties mistake paying the price for a sudden burst of activity with being old. Right now, the two of them are gasping for breath because they ain't jogged in years and it shows.

Panel 2: They go back to looking like bleary-eyed wrecks as they go back to jogging.

Panel 3: What they don't quite notice is that they've passed by two ladies in their mid-to-late sixties waiting for the crosstown bus.

Panel 4: One of them turns to the other and says "Ah, yes.....wouldn't it be nice to be young again." This, of course, is to hammer home how "old" Connie and Elly are because only very old people could confuse the two idiots trying to kill themselves with young people.

Summary: Since we know from history that Elly spent almost as much time wailing about being old before her time as she did howling that she was allegedly morbidly obese, it seems obvious that we'd have to have the cast of My 600 Lb Life show up and wish they were as thin as these two nutjobs are the next time Elly claims that she's a butterball.