September 23rd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

We remind ourselves that John still doesn't know Elly all that well when, having observed her panicking over a single grey hair, asks her what kind of fussbudget would point out every little strand of grey hair on her scalp. If he knew her, he'd know that the answer is "Elly Patterson."

Panel 1: When Elly points out her single strand of grey hair to John, he does exactly the wrong thing and asks "So?"

Panel 2: Since he didn't give her the answer she wanted (namely that her grey hair is a horrible tragedy and that her beauty is gone and her life is ruined and so on and so forth), she repeats the word "So?" and asks him what he could possibly be mean. He doubles down on having his memory reset by telling her that no one would ever know because they'd never notice it.

Panel 3: Since his mind has been reset to a state in which he's just met her, he asks her what person could possibly so fussy and critical that he or she would point out every grey hair on her head.

Panel 4: He gets his answer when she looks in the mirror and gasps in horror because she found another grey hair.

Summary: As I said yesterday, Lynn's habit of recycling old stories makes her characters look as if they have no memory of the past. It's as if John had just met Elly, not as if he's known her for years and has learned that she will not be consoled ever because she takes it to mean that the person doing the consoling thinks that her feelings are horsebuns.