September 21st, 2018

Cynical Candiru

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Since Elly isn't aware that most people rightly see her as a short-tempered and violent loon who spends her days frothing at the mouth about injustice, she'll probably never know why John reacts to her offer to sleep on the couch rather than keep him up by coughing by sleeping on the couch.

Panel 1: As our story shifts focus back to John and Elly, we find them in bed as they deal with the bad cold Elly has that's got her coughing up a lung.

Panel 2: She then makes a WHONK noise when she blows her nose.

Panel 3: She continues to make me wonder why John hasn't offered to drive her to the hospital to get checked out what with that cough.

Panel 4: Elly apologizes for coughing and offers to sleep on the couch; John tells her that it's okay.

(Personally, if I were him, I would offer to sleep on the couch so she could be more comfortable.)

Panel 5: She again coughs rather violently.

Panel 6: When she asks if he's sure because she says she'd be happy to move into the living room, he says that it's fine.....possibly because he thinks that this is a trap.

Panel 7: When she asks him "Really?", he says that he's positive.

Panel 8: When Elly resumes her coughing fit, John opens his eyes in something a lot like horror.

Panel 9: A few moments later, we find John on the couch snoring away rather than disturb Elly.

Summary: This would have been a lot shorter a strip if John had offered to do this first and said something nice sounding. Now, he just looks like a cowardly jerk to the passive-aggressive base who don't admit that they too are turning 'nice' into a synonym for 'guilt-tripping hypocricy'. Ah, well. Next week, Lynn forgets that she's spent the last ten years having Elly howl about being a shriveled-up old crone who's aged before her time because of her husband and kids again.