September 17th, 2018


Tuesday, 18 September 2018

"If you can control your mind, you can control your hormones.  Let me suggest some meditation techniques", says Yogi Michael Patterson.

(Strip Number 1483, Original Publication Date, 19 September 1989)

Panel 1: Brian bails after yesterday, possibly because the conversation has been getting too stupid for him.  I always love the way Michael puts a “man” in his speech to indicate his youth.  It seems very late 1960s to me as if Lynn Johnston thinks teenage speech has not changed since she was a teenager.  I also like the “palms front” look as he walks as if he is pushing an invisible cart.   Lynn wants to show that Michael is thinking and as we all know, “pushing an invisible cart” is the standard stance of a thinker.  Not really.  Let Winnie the Pooh show you the way:

Panel 2: Michael suggests that Gordon not think of “stuff” when Allyson Creemore walks by.  Once again, thank you Michael for not saying what the stuff is.  No thanks to Lynn Johnston who, for whatever reason, decides this panel is the one where she draws the odd bend in the pants of our three male characters.  I can just imagine Lynn chuckling as she got that one past her editors back in 1989 and again today.

Michael believes being aware of Allyson Creemore’s presence is the catalyst for Gordon’s hormone attack.  Sorry, Michael, as we will learn, there are a couple of basketballs who can get the same reaction as Allyson Creemore.

Panel 3: Making your mind go blank is a common stereotype of meditation and it seems like Lynn was trying to use that with Michael’s recommendation here. 

Panel 4: The final joke is Lawrence essentially telling Gordon that he is so stupid that having a blank mind should be easy for him.  Sorry Lawrence, but Gordon has taken your place as Michael’s best friend and no number of insults about Gordon’s intelligence are going to get you back in that spot, especially insults that are not that funny.  Let’s give you some alternative suggestions:

1.  If you can't blank your mind, are you sure you still have one?
2.  Gordon’s mind wandered and never came back.
3.  Gordon, your mind is on vacation but your eyes are working overtime at goggling.
4.  If you really blanked your mind, you'd be so much smarter.

Summary:  We have meditation humor from Michael and if that didn't work, we fall back on insult humor from Lawrence.