September 9th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Lynn uses a favourite gag of hers when she has Mike piss and moan about doing the math he sucks shit at while congratulating the poor bastard paying the bills at not having to be forced to count past five without doing so on his fingers.

Panel 1: Mike sets himself up to become yet another "I can unhinge MY jaw and yell about piddly little bullshit that doesn't matter too" avatar when, having been assigned homework on the first day of class, howls about the unfairness of it all when he wants people to feel sorry when they lookit all the stuff they're making the poor baby do.

Panel 2: He makes me wanna shove his head into the drywall by pissing and moaning about having to spend hours on end doing the stooooopid math he HAAAAAAATES because it reminds me of why he and his wife are so pooooooor.

Panel 3: As he reaches into the cupboard for a glass, he bellows that he hates and wishes he never had the homework of reminding him that he's a fucking imbecile who'll need a minder his whole damned life.

Panel 4: He further proves his being an oblivious muttonhead by telling John, who's busy balancing his and Elly's chequebooks, that he's lucky he doesn't have to do it no more.

Summary: This, as I have said, is why he and Deanna were so poor all the damned time. He refuses to learn math and she's too passive to bitch him out for spending money on foolish crap so John and Elly were forced to marry Liz off to a bookkeeper to keep a roof over their grandkid's heads.

Portable Artist Leaving Manitoba

I was looking at the third treasury, Making Ends Meet, in Google Books. (I realized that the book isn't listed in "search by book" in the catalog--which is weird, because the first two are.)

Anyway, there is an article from November 2, 1983, which I think howtheduck has mentioned in the past. It's the one where Lynn reveals that the family has already purchased the property in North Bay and will be moving the following year, after the kids' school year in ends in the spring. I have transcribed it and will post below the cut.
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