September 8th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 10 September 2018

We follow Mike at his first day back at school with a reminder that while he and his posse like catching up with their friends, they don't like having to go to school.

Panel 1: We find Mike and a group of his friends in the hallway before class starts. As Generic Blond Guy asks Mike it's going, a silhouette says "Yo!" and Gordon asks him what's happening, Mike contemplates Gordon on the cool shades that are part of his hormone attack prevention gear.

Panel 2: Someone who looks like Janet waves hello, Gordon says that it's been a while since he met a third party and Mike asks Andrea how it's going.

Panel 3: We then have a panel full of happy students catching up with one another.

Panel 4: Now that is over with, we can resume hating on formal education as Mike gets Brian, Gordon and a silhouette to agree that they hate going back to school because it's a bummer.

Summary: While we're waiting for howtheduck to cover Gordon's first hormone attack Friday, let's have three of Mike getting on my last nerve howling about doing stoopid math which he hates and has no use whatsoever and that's why he and Dee are sooooooo poor.