September 7th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 9 September 2018

When Elly expresses her exasperation that Farley expects to come with them every time they drive someplace, John makes an attempt to explain that she trained him to do so.

Panel 1: We start things off with Farley being awakened by the sounds of people trying to walk quietly.

Panel 2: He rises up fully when someone clicks the door shut.

Panel 3: For the purposes of today's strip, he has the annoying tendency to want to come with John and Elly whenever they drive somewhere because Lynn is trying to nag Willy The Black Spaniel by proxy. This takes the form of Elly telling Farley that no, he can't come because the poor woman doesn't understand that he can't and doesn't understand English.

Panel 4: She also futilely stands on the porch and tells him to go back into the house, there's a good boy.

Panel 5: She follows that up by trying to lure him back into the house with a treat.

Panel 6: When that fails, she's reduced to using baby talk to keep him from getting into the car.

Panel 7: When this also fails, she just stands there looking all sad because she's tried everything that isn't "grabbing his collar and marching him into the house" and nothing worked.

Panel 8: She then sighs in defeat and despair.

Panel 9: As they drive to where ever, Elly asks John how she's supposed to stop Farley from acting that way every time they want to drive some place.

Panel 10: His telling her to stop giving in leaves her gobsmacked because she thinks that she actually tried to stop him from expecting to be driven around.

Summary: We can probably expect a Lynnsight about her having to endure letters from dog owners with brains about how Elly did everything wrong and thus trained Farley to expect to be driven around but since no dogs wrote in, she discounted them.