September 2nd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 4 September 2018: You've brought shame on yer people, Dawn Enjo.

When Liz laces into Christopher for goading her into making an ass of herself, Dawn makes me pissed the Hell off at her for trying to get him off the hook by being fulla bullshit.

Panel 1: The following morning, we see the kids waiting for the bus and Christopher is being a really snotty little creep about the apology letter Liz had to write for throwing her teddy bear at Mrs Grunion because he won't admit that kids who dare kids to do stupid shit have anything to do with said shit. He and his companion idiots would also make no logical connection between sticking their hands in a fire and coming back with second degree burns.

Panel 2: Liz tells Christopher to leave her alone because this mess is his damned fault that she's in trouble because he's the one who told her to throw the bear and kept chanting "Do it! Do it! Do it!"

This allows her to avoid coming to the dangerous conclusion that what she was told to do was wrong in and of itself and arrive at the accepted one that it was only wrong because someone else told her to do it. If she'd come up with the idea of pegging the woman on her own, it wouldn't have been bad because Lynn has a lot of fucked-up ideas about peer pressure.

Panel 3: Dawn ignores the fact that she was there egging Liz on when she simpers that the problem is that Liz did throw the bear because she (as a bog-standard jerk kid with a typical jerk kid's exaggerated dread of admitting being in the wrong) wants to pretend that she wouldn't have called Elizabeth a chicken if she didn't. Having to listen to Dawn's weak-ass bullshit breaks Liz's brains.

Summary: No, Dawn. That is not the trouble. The trouble is that you and the others made her feel as if she had no say in the matter so telling her that she had the right to refuse after the fact is blame-evading nonsense of the worst sort. Worse still, you don't understand that what she did was a dangerous thing because you're not allowed to know things Lynn doesn't. It's why you whine about getting a fade in three years.