August 31st, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Richard is gobsmacked when Liz uses his words against him to punish him for being a snotty little bastard who won't share.

Panel 1: We start off watching Richard swing on a swing tied to a tree branch and boast to Liz about how fun it is.

Panel 2: He then sets the tone of the strip by deliberately trying to hurt her feelings by pointing out how it's too bad SHE doesn't have a swing at her house.

Panel 3: When Liz asks him if she can have a turn on his swing, Richard says "When I'm finished."

Panel 4: A while later, she asks him again and he has the same answer.

Panel 5: When she points out that she's been waiting a long time, he again says that when he's finished, he'll let her on.

Panel 6: Having finally realized that he's never gonna let her use the swing because he's a creep, she walks off crying a little.

Panel 7: A while later, we see her on the stoop eating the right ice cream when he comes up and says "Hi, Elizabeth."

Panel 8: Since he's an entitled snot being raised by a mother even less competent than Elly, he asks her if he can have a bite of her ice cream. She says "Sure!"

Panel 9: When SHE says "When I'm finished!", he is gobsmacked.

Summary: Given one of the shorter forms of the proper name Richard, I think that the naughty little child in Lynn was hooting in glee when she contemplated telling people not to be a dick.