August 29th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 31 August 2018

Once again, Lynn settles old scores with the kids on the playground by having a bunch of kids goad Liz into doing something stupid and then leaving her hanging out to dry because kids are jerks.

Panel 1: We come to the point of this mess when Chris asks Liz if she's got SuperTeddy with her as if they all know or care about the very boring thing that is yelling "Hiyaaaaahhhhhhh, SuperTeddy!!!!" despite that not making a lick of sense and tossing it at the back of someone's head. Since Dawn is way out of character and also magically knows and cares, she yells "Yeah, Liz....DO IT!!!"

This makes no sense because in the real world, no one would know or care about the very boring thing that is hurling something at the back of someone's head and also, Dawn's character would not be derailed for the sake of settling scores with kids from the fifties.

Panel 2: We get a whole bus of idiot kids whispering "Do it!!" at her and thus not giving her a chance to refuse really....not that the lousy little finks are ever gonna admit that. Oh, no, not them.

This makes no sense either because since they don't know about this and also don't want to die in a bus crash just so Liz can be a jerk, they would actually be telling Liz not to do it.

Panel 3: She then does something that would in the real world have Elly standing around howling about the cruelty of having to drive her to school by yelling her borrowed catchphrase and tagging Mrs Grunion while she's driving a school bus.

Panel 4: When Mrs Grunion confronts her, the other brats can't wait to throw her under the fucking bus by saying that they told her not to.

Summary: We are about to bear witness to another proxy do the disciplining for Elly only to have Elly crow about what an effective mother she is. It's like how Ruth and Tom did all the heavy lifting and Lynn still expects to be presented with grandkids; it's all about unearned respect with her and Elly.