August 22nd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 24 August 2018

Today's "Kids say the darndest things arc" invites us to smile indulgently at Elizabeth for comparing the decor Mattel installed in her doll house as a factory default to the hard work Georgia has to do to make her vision real.

Panel 1: We do a rare call-back when Georgia expresses her admiration for the wallpaper job done on Elly's kitchen and asks her if she did it herself. Elly reminds us of last year's "Aren't flowers supposed to grow upwards" arc. Also, Liz's silhouette makes the scene.

Panel 2: As Liz looks on, Georgia states that she's always liked warm colours in a kitchen and intends to have hers done in red and yellow.

Panel 3: She clarifies that by saying that her white counter and flooring will have red and yellow accents before proving her desperate need for approval by asking third grader Liz her opinion. Liz is unsure about said colour scheme.

Panel 4: Georgia smiles indulgently at Liz as she points to a doll house and says that she did hers in blue and purple.

Summary: Out of the mouths of Patterchildren, tepid drollery. Lynn loves to write strips like this almost as much as Elizabeth likes blue and purple. Since she spent most of her life thinking like a little kid, she never outgrew her little girl colour scheme and, despite Mira's attempt to introduce "washed-out" pale rose into the mix, had her wedding themed that way. Oh, she might use the words 'teal' and 'lavender' but she prefers the same bright colours children of all ages love.