August 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

When Georgia is on the verge of physically assaulting him because he balks at two or three lousy mortgage payments, real estate whiz Phil finally agrees to buy the house.

(Original Version, Strip Number 5173, Publication Date: 9 August 1989)

Panel 1: At the real estate agency, the agent handling Phil and Georgia tells them that Nigel has listed his place at $189,900 (whoever updated this stuck a '1' in front of most of the prices so it was $89,900 originally). She suggests that they offer to pay $185,000 which would give Nigel an opening for a counter-offer.

Panel 2: When the agent starts to tell her that they'll probably start at $187,000 which would allow them to work out a mutually agreeable price, Georgia gives into panic and points out that there's another couple (probably Mel and Winnie) looking at the house.

Panel 3: She asks the real estate agent the valid question "What if they offer more than we do?" and makes herself the more sympathetic of the two people. When he points out that there's almost a three thousand dollar gap between the starting price suggested and what Nigel offered, I can see his point. When he prefaces that by the phrase "Take a chance, Georgia!!", he loses me. It's as if he's telling her to risk losing the house because he thinks that he has to pay the lot on the spot, the doofus.

Panel 4: When Rage-Faced Georgia grabs him by the shirt-front for daring to risk her dream house, Phil realizes that he's not going to win and yells "Offer $189,900 - and tell 'em 'Cash'!!"

Summary: If this means what I believe it to mean, Phil and Georgia have just depleted their savings because she had to have her fancy house NOW, damn the expense. Tomorrow, it finally hits her that she made a big decision in haste for a stupid reason. Today, she feels like she triumphed.