July 30th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

When Phil points out that he'd end up having to pay more than the asking price to repair the damage the cats did to the house he's looking at, the realtor turns into a condescending twerp.

(Original Version, Strip Number 5167, Publication Date, 2 August 1989)

Panel 1: When an aghast Georgia repeats the phrase "Seventeen cats?" the realtor Glasses McEvilteeth mentioned, the woman says that the previous owners did love their kitties.

Panel 2: As they walk through the hallway, Georgia surmises that there must have been a litter box in every corner.

Panel 3: We then see Phil confront McEvilteeth by trying to get her to admit that she's trying to sell a pig in a poke. This is because to make the place livable, he and Georgia would have to remove the carpets, the gyproc (that's "drywall" in American) and even some of the flooring to get rid to the stench of cat piss.

Panel 4: She loses the sale by getting all self-righteous. After all, he's only paying 183,000 (83,000 in the original version) so he should expect to make a few renovations.

Summary: The fun part is not that Evilteeth is full of shit. The fun part is remembering that John didn't ask questions like this before he bought the Tiny Train House and wound up having to pay a contractor to get it up to code.