July 26th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Since Phil is always going to be something of an immature idiot, it comes as a shock when Georgia directs his attention to that elephant in the living room called "Your 'simple' life ain't simple for everyone else, fool!"

(Original Version: Strip Number 5164, Dated 29 July 1989)

Panel 1: We skip ahead a bit to dinner time at the Pattermanse so that Georgia can tell Phil that she's been telling Elly about the problems the two of them have had in buying a house. Since Phil will always drag his feet when it comes to growing up, he asks "WE?" as if he's not especially eager to get himself some equity.

Panel 2: He confirms this hunch of mine by pointing out that she's the only one who wants a house.

Panel 3: He then starts babbling like the freaky beatnik he is by saying that he's happy fishing, living in a tent, cooking outdoors and traveling by bicycle or canoe. He declares that he wants a simple life (by which he means "one in which he can ride roughshod over other people in self-righteous complacency") before asking what's wrong with their apartment.

Panel 4: When Georgia tells him that there's not enough storage space for his "simple" life, he goes all gobsmacked because it has never occurred to him that loading up their living space with junk might be a problem for her. Given his history of spinning needful rebukes about his bad habits into accusations of persecution, we can expect him to dig in on this issue until such time as having to shift for himself is put on the table.

Summary: Not only is Lynn slamming Alan for having the 'wrong' lifestyle, she's also pointing out that it is really easy to see the resemblance between Phil and Elly because both are totally surprised by really obvious things they'd rather not face and why that is. Neither of them are especially willing to understand that the right to swing their arms ends at other people's noses and are always surprised when this is pointed out.