July 24th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Phil appears to have violated the speed limit because he refused to puke his guts out in a job john and rushed home to do so in a 'real' toilet. This delights the kids and alarms Georgia.

(Original Version: Strip Number 5162, Dated 27 July 1989)

Panel 1: A few seconds later, we find Phil making the scene so he can tell Georgia and Elly to make a hole 'cause they're looking at a man in distress. Given that he's clutching his throat to keep something from coming up, one can readily guess the distress he's in.

Panel 2: When Georgia asks what happened, Liz explains that he ate a chili cheese dog and went on the double ferris wheel. This causes me to wonder what he was thinking trying to be the 'cool' adult given that his reaction to the sort of roller coaster he could handle no problem at their age is to look like he got sprayed with Joker Venom. The inevitable result of a middle-aged man going on a high speed ride on a full stomach is going to be said man being violently ill.

Panel 3: She goes on to say that Uncle Phil said that it had been years since he felt that awful. Mike says that it was totally worth it.

Panel 4: He then alarms his aunt by saying that the drive home was the best ride they'd had all day. This makes me wonder if they put in the cassette "Music To Drive Recklessly By" in the car stereo.

Summary: The implication is that Phil drove recklessly because he wanted to vomit into a 'real' toilet so, yeah, I'm scared too. Also, so much for his being the cool grown-up. He'll have to act his age after this.