July 19th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Modern-Day Mike's tolerance for gory crap demoralizes Phil because it's a sign that childhood innocence has allegedly been lost forever and makes him wish to retreat to the past where there were no splatter films and he wasn't being pressured to buy a house.

(Strip Number 5158, Original Publication Date: 1989-07-22)

Panel 1: After the three of them leave the fun house, Mike is mildly contemptuous because it hasn't lived up to its name. Liz seconds him by saying that it wasn't scary at all. This leaves us with the questions "Why did they expect that?" and "Why is there a cartoon ghost by the entry way?"

Panel 2: When Mike says that the last one they went to was cool 'cause it had severed heads and dripping blood, Phil stops pretending that he can relate to children and turns into another adult angsting about today's horrible children who love blood and pain and anarchy. (In short, he turns into Lynn Johnston.)

Meanwhile, we continue to ask why he expects this which means that we remain snarker-troll fungus people who; hate Lynn's happiness.

Panel 3: When Mike concludes by saying that the rides and stuff musta been built in the seventies (which to him are, of course, the same million years ago the fifties were in the original) 'cause there's nothin'cool or gross, Phil stands there looking as if the boy had just yelled HAIL HYDRA! because boy, howdy, he has no idea how children think and would have been the same sort of shitty parent Elly is for the same reason.

Panel 4: We end the fairground arc with Phil going up to the person running things and asking for a ticket on a ride that'll take him back in time.

Summary: There are any number of notes that have Lynn make wailing noises about how children are growing up TOO FAST!!! and how EVIL MEN WITH THEIR EVIL MOVIES AND COMPUTERS ARE STEALING CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE!!!!! which have as their source her inability to quite understand that kids like gross-out stuff and always have. It's only when she had to clean up the mess that it became bad. In any event, we get to see the other reason why Phil wants to hop into a TARDIS when Georgia tells Elly that it's capital and labour to get him to buy a house.

Lynn Johnston at SURTEX 2018

In the recent article about Lynn Johnston being a mentor to a young cartoonist, it said:

She is currently working for a company in New York on some artwork that stars Farley the dog. They are looking to market dog beds using Farley’s likeness.

That made remember that Lynn Johnston went to SURTEX, the big fabric design show in New York that she went to in 2016 and 2017.  I looked it up and sure enough, she was there.


I will discuss it after the cut.

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