July 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Today's strip poses a question: "Who is the bigger idiot? Is it John for not realizing that the reason that Elly is covering her head with the pillow is that she wants him to turn off the television and let her sleep or Elly for not remembering that she married a dolt and passive-aggressiving her way into insomnia?"

(Strip Number 6748, Original Publication Date, 9 July 1989)

Panel 1: It's nighttime and we find John and Elly in bed watching the anchorman of the CBV news conclude the program and wish them a good night.

Panel 2: Elly smiles as John turns the television off with the remote. She won't be smiling for long.

Panel 3: This is because he can't sleep so he turns the box back on so as to flip through the channels like an idiot. His first choice is a CFL game that has Philbutt on the twenty yard line making a great play while Bogdanovich moves somewhere or other.

Panel 4: We don't know what Bogdanovich does because John changes channels to a late-night soap that has a woman declare her love for a man named James. Elly's covering her head with a pillow indicates that she wants to declare her love for shooting the screen so she can rest.

Panel 5: Her self-induced agony continues as he watches a nature show from the Galapagos about one of the mutant birds Lynn draws.

Panel 6: Next, he appears to have found a sort of live-action take on Dick Trac(e)y.

Panel 7: Finally, he settles on a country music channel so he can listen to Country Cass and the Corntones play their new fav'rit "Looking Through The Knothole In The Picket Fence Of Offensive Minstrel-Show Level Regional Stereotypes."

Panel 8: We conclude by her getting gobsmacked when he says that if she wants the set off, she should let him know.

Summary: Any sort of Panel 9 would have been him getting walloped with a pillow and saying "Oh" while he sits there with his glasses askew. This is because she can either be passive-aggressive and hope he reads her mind or aggressive-aggressive and throw stuff at him. What she can't do is communicate like a normal person.