June 30th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 2 July 2018

What Elly doesn't tell Liz about her first step is that she got so excited about it, she accidentally frightened her into tripping over her own shadow.

(Strip Number 1617, Original Publication Date, 3 July 1989)

Panel 1: As we continue to look at the photos, Elly tells Liz to look at the picture of the day she took her first steps.

Panel 2: We flash back to Lizzie steadying herself against a coffee table and starting to walk upright.

Panel 3: When Elly yells "HONEY, COME QUICK! LIZZIE'S WALKING!!!", Elizabeth is so frightened by the noise, she loses her balance.

Panel 4: When John does arrive on scene, Lizzie has pitched forward onto her face. Since she hurt herself in a slapstick incident, she ends up with her tongue stuck out.

Summary: For the next two weeks, we get a sort of capsulized flashback to things we've already seen. This makes it obvious that Carrie went back to Manitoba just before the first strip. Today, it's Liz being unsteady. Tomorrow, old friends return: Connie shows up and she brings "Implausible Mess" and "Raccoon Paw-print On A Flat Surface" with her.