June 22nd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 24 June 2018

We engage in ritual Farley hatred when the Pattersons wish to disavow him for jumping into a pond to bark at a bullfrog for scaring him.

(Strip Number 7042, Original Publication Date, 25 June 1989)

Panel 1: For some reason, we find Farley at a pond barking at a frog.

Panel 2: We figure out why he does so when the frog confuses the shit outta him by leaping into the water. Farley is barking at him for the same reason dogs bark at letter carriers: something invades their space, retreats and comes back.

Panel 3: Having noticed that the frog has resurfaced, Farley again barks witlessly at it only for it to dive underneath again.

Panel 4: Since Farley's instincts drive him to drive away the "intruding" object (and since he can't know that he himself IS the intruder), he sticks his head in the water to half-drown himself barking at the frog.

Panel 5: Since Lynn thinks dogs are stupid, he's confused when the frog surfaces somewhere else.

Panel 6: He then resumes barking moronically at something inoffensive because he doesn't know any better.

Panel 7: He once again sticks his head under water to half-way drown himself barking at a bullfrog.

Panel 8: He looks around in confusion because he's incapable of realizing that no matter what he does, the frog will always be able to avoid him.

Panel 9: We zoom out to see that John and Elly, who are birding, have been watching all of this happen. Elly says that Farley sure has been making a lot of noise and says that it's a good thing no one else is around. John agrees with her.

Panel 10: When he says that he wouldn't want anyone to think Farley was theirs, Elly is mildly confused.

Summary: What John and Lynn don't know is that if people see a dog racing around like an idiot causing mischief and they notice one group of people looking evasive, they're gonna match dog to negligent moron owner really damn quick.