June 21st, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 23 June 2018

After a busy day being the only person who seems to notice that Michael has emotional needs and the right to attention, Carrie is rather worn out.

(Strip Number 1468, Original Publication Date, 24 June 1989)

Panel 1: As we're treated to a visual of Carrie Patterson taking Mike to the playground across the way from the house, Elly explains that because she was so preoccupied with Elizabeth, Grandma was the one who knew he needed attention.

Panel 2: We then find ourselves skipping ahead to a happy Mike excitedly explaining to Elly that Grandma Carrie took him to the park an'they played ball an'they went downtown an'they had ice cream an'so on an'so forth.

Panel 3: A bit after that, Elly gushes about how amazing Carrie is because after a busy day with Michael, she says that she wants to spend the whole evening with the baby.

Panel 4: We find her all wrung out on the couch snoring audibly while holding a sleeping Baby Lizzie.

Summary: Casual readers who tend to refer to these people as a kinship term might see this as a cute thing about an old lady being worn out by an active child. People like us know that it's actually Lynn screaming about how children want to drain our substance because there's this evil feeling in their limbs that tells them that moving is good and how WE MOMS have to eradicate it and live in a world where children are, as my mother would say about what an Elly or Deanna want in a kid, grinning little dummies stuffed in a glass case. Also, Lynn is championing her mother-in-law and kicking her dying mother when she's down.