June 18th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Elly probably actually believes that the reason she wanted to help was that she felt as if she were not needed when the fact is the real reason why she didn't like to be sitting down is that she needed to sit on a rubber donut until her hind end stopped feeling like they'd shoved a cactus up it.

(Strip Number 1466, Original Publication Date, 21 June 1989)

Panel 1: As we see John and Elly bring Baby Lizzie home from the hospital to be greeted by Carrie Patterson and Michael, Elly explains to the modern-day children that after they brought her home, there was a lot to do.

Panel 2: Elly goes on to stay that she was supposed to take it easy so Grandma Patterson stayed over to help. Since we see Elly in the background looking anxious while Carrie is in the foreground giving Mike an unauthorized cookie that will spoil his appetite for Little Orange Surprise, "help" appears to mean "throw her weight around, make Mike emotionally dependent on her while cutting his real mother off at the knees because she can't sit down and relax and blithely leave Elly with a mess to clean up after when she finally goes home."

Panel 3: As we see Early Eighties Elly about to sit down, Late Eighties Elly says that Carrie wanted her to let her do everything but says that she found it hard to sit down. This is supposed to mean that Elly didn't want to grow dependent on someone who isn't going to be there that long.

Panel 4: When the next panel has Mike hold up a rubber donut pillow and ask Angry Elly (who is holding her sore ass in severe discomfort) if she's looking for this, we know why she really wants to help.

Summary: The last few strips of "David, We're Pregnant" and the first few in the second pre-Foob work make it quite clear that for most mothers, those first few days are not ones of delight. They are ones of severe distress and for the sort of person this strip really appeals to, it's a valid reason for wanting vengeance on one's teeming get.