June 15th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Father's Day 2018

They had to edit the thing to account for the fall of Cosby but the message of today's Father's Day strip is still much the same: "It's a good day because John gets a gift that allows him to indulge in a favourite pastime."

(Strip Number 6746, Original Publication Date, 18 June 1989)

Panel 1: It's Father's Day morning at the Patterson house. We lead things off with a smiling Liz hugging John and getting very effusive and sincere-looking about how Daddy-daddy-daddy is the best daddy in the world.

Panel 2: In the original version, she underwhelmed him by having him be runner-up to Bill Cosby. Since Cosby has disgraced himself by putting the pill in the people's stomachs, see, DOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!, Lynn's handlers edit that to having Liz say that Mom told her to say that because she knew he'd like it so she can give Rod the same middle finger she's giving a dying woman in the weekly strips.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with John being delighted as the family wishes him a happy Father's Day and give him presents.

Panel 4: He's happy because Elizabeth's gift is a very practical package of sandpaper.

Panel 5: Elly delights him by giving him that router he's always wanted.

Panel 6: We start to sense a theme when Mike presents him with a book about Advanced Cabinet Making.

Panel 7: John sets up the punchline by thanking them for setting him up to have the best workshop in town.

Panel 8: John might not have the advantage of being able to read the thought-bubbles his greedy family are projecting but despite not being able to see "new cupboards" floating over Elly's head, "a computer desk" over Mike's and "a dollhouse" over Liz's, their avarice is written on their faces.

Panel 9: Since he loves the idea of being praised for doing something he likes to do, he smiles as he observes that some gifts just keep on giving.

Summary: This is something of a win for him. Not only does he get something practical (instead of something dumb like an ugly tie or cologne or junk like that), he gets to wile away the hours in the workshop instead of interacting with the family.