June 14th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 16 June 2018: Elly Defined.

Flashing back to John staying at the hospital instead of taking the OB/GYN's advice to head home to freshen up affords us a look at how Elly sees the world. If she's not happy, no one else is allowed to be.

(Strip Number 1463, Original Publication Date, 17 June 1989)

Panel 1: Liz prompts another contrast and compare strip by reminding Elly that John stayed by her side all during her pregnancy. Since she probably actually does remember the very unlikely scenario of his voluntarily doing so instead of what actually happened, she gets all sentimental about how sweet he was.

Panel 2: We go into flashback mode to watch Elly in the foreground in intense discomfort and John in the background being told by the shout-out to Lynn's pal, the Jewish OB/GYN that the baby won't be there for quite a while yet so he can go home, take a shower and come back in the morning.

Panel 3: As he prepares to make his escape from the Land of Oh, ICK!! ICK!!!, Elly asks where the Hell he thinks HE'S going. Her anger at being abandoned to the world of pain he inflicted on her is such that the world becomes full-colour again.

Panel 4: We revert to Sepia Mode and see a freaked-out John sitting by her bedside as she thought-bubbles that if she's gonna miserable, the man who got her that way is gonna be miserable too.

Summary: It makes sense that Elly wants to spread the pain around so that she isn't the only one suffering. It makes even more that as soon as things are done, she forgets all the times she was a jerk to people so that she can wonder why people call her a mean old witch who won't let people do nothin'. This arc is tribute not only to her preference in mother figures, it also celebrates her refusal to see when she's acted like a turd to someone.