June 12th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 14 June 2018

We launch right into why Mike is always going to resent Elizabeth on some level when we flash back to him standing around like a sullen jerk thinking that it's his kid sister's fault that his idiot elders tend to ignore him in favour of the new baby.

(Strip Number 1461, Original Publication Date, 15 June 1989)

Panel 1: As we continue on, Elly points to a picture of herself about nine months along and tells Liz that it was taken a few days before she was born.

Panel 2: She goes on to state that they had her crib and toys all ready and all that anyone could talk about was the new baby.

Panel 3: When she asks Michael if he remembers that, he says that he does.

Panel 4: The colorist half-way plagiarizes Batiuk so that we can see four year old Mike lurking by the staircase with a death-grip on Superteddy getting all rage-faced and wishing that Mom, Dad and Grandma Carrie could talk about something else.

Summary: We've established the fact that Mike lives for the attention of others, hates to share because Elly made that into "give everything up because you're older and Lizzie is a baby" and isn't especially bright or (as his belief that Liz 'chose' to be born to get him into trouble) fond of linear logic. Adding in competition would have brought out the flapping anus in him even if they had made the effort to include him but ignoring him or simpering that he'll get over it like Elly does just made a bad situation worse.