April 27th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 29 April 2018

We get another reminder that Liz isn't the helpless little creature Mike wants her to be when she answers loutishness with loutishness.

(Strip Number 6174, Original Publication Date, 23 April 1989)

Panel 1: We start off by watching Elizabeth, who's making herself a sandwich, reacting to the slamming of a door.

Panel 2: Said door was slammed by Michael who's storming downstairs with a scowl on his face because he's in a bad mood for some reason. (Said reason is that his alleged friend Lawrence lied and said that Martha got bored with him.)

Panel 3: He rudely shoves her aside and tells her to move because he's in a hurry to eat his sugar cereal.

Panel 4: She makes another sandwich with mustard and Lynn's idea of what processed cheese slices should be called.

Panel 5: As she tries to tell him that she made him a sandwich, Mike angrily grabs it out of her hand.

Panel 6: She then tells him that it's a ham and cheese sandwich. As she does so, Elly's silhouette appears in the background.

Panel 7: Elly and Liz frown when Mike slams the kitchen door.

Panel 8: Elly praises Elizabeth and says that it was sweet of her to make Mike lunch given how rude he was to her.

Panel 9: She then sets up the gag by expecting that Mike will be thinking of Liz all day. Liz agrees.

Panel 10: This is because she left the wrapper on the cheese.

Summary: There's a lot of Elly in Elizabeth, ain't there? It's no coffee mug to the head but at some point, Mike will learn to fear her wrath.