April 23rd, 2018


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

While Michael and Martha are busy deciding not to make the first move, we go to the land of Elizabeth.

(Strip Number 1449, Original Publication Date, 26 April 1989)

Panel 1: For some strange and bizarre reason, the Patterson parents expect Elizabeth to be able to sleep through this party even though this is not like last year’s sleepover.  This party will be over soon, so why not let her stay up, since she’s not going to be able to sleep anyway?   Or better yet, let her go to the party.  Since she is dressed in purple, she will fit right in with all the other girls.

Panel 2: Where did we hear this before?   Oh right.  The same thing happened during Michael’s 12th birthday party.

Did Elizabeth get that sleepover she was promised or even a birthday party in the last year?  I think the answer to that is still “No” and will always be “No.”  The real life Elizabeth, Kate, was born on December 28, and I expect she had a problem with getting a birthday party also given how close her birthday was to Christmas.  Poor Kate.  Poor Elizabeth.

Panel 3: Elizabeth goes for the hug.  Isn’t she cute?

Panel 4: Cute and apparently very heavy, as John thinks, “… and I’ve been wishing lately that you weren’t so big!!” Let me tell you John, it just gets worse.  I remember the day I pulled my back trying to pick up my son after he passed 100 pounds.  I had to tell him that I couldn’t do that anymore.  He seemed so sad at the time.  Now he’s taller than I am and he could not be happier about it.

Summary: Elizabeth can’t sleep.  John needs to work out.