April 21st, 2018


Monday, 23 April 2018

The battle between the girls in purple begins!

(Strip Number 1448, Original Publication Date, 24 April 1989)

Panel 1: Janet and Martha give each other the look that says, “We will never be friends again.” Michael looks like he is thinking, “How did I get out here?”

Panel 2: Mike gives Lawrence the look that says, “We will never be friends again,” but Lawrence gives him the palms out gesture that says, “It’s not my fault.  She just attacked me and what was I supposed to do? I am innocent.” Both the girls look very happy.

Panel 3: Mike turns his back on Martha and puts his Patterson snoot in the air.  Janet’s left hand which was on Michael’s shoulder in Panel 2 moves to Michael’s back as she draws him close.  Martha looks fearfully at Michael as if she realized her tactic of making him jealous would never work, because he is a Patterson and Pattersons don’t do jealousy.

Panel 4: Elly arrives with Party Games, Pictionary, and Twister (no Pin the Tail on the Donkey?).  All the kids drop their hands from dancing and Lawrence disappears with Martha’s arm still in place in the air from where she was holding him.   Perhaps Lawrence is uncertain how Elly feels about interracial couples and does not want to push the issue.

Elly delivers the punchline, “Well!  Would anybody like to play games?”  Why is Elly really there?:

  1. She heard from John the kids were not dancing because the music was too soft, and so Elly thought, “Yay!  It worked.  Now for some real fun!”

  2. Lynn Johnston said to Elly, “You need to grab some party games and deliver that punchline.  I don’t care if it makes no sense that you are doing this this late into the party.”

  3. With her pink dress on, Elly wants to show the colourist can actually put a woman in something other than purple.

  4. She wants to show her dexterity in holding 3 games with one hand and 1 game in another. 

  5. While they are playing games, Elly will take the opportunity clean the popcorn mashed into the floor and check the punch to see if it’s been spiked.

  6. Elly sensed that if she didn’t intervene that there was probably going to be a fist fight… between Martha and Janet.

Summary: Lynn Johnston tests her ability to communicate a story via drawings only for 3 panels and then realizing she can’t do that, resorts to a verbal joke in the final panel.