April 19th, 2018


Saturday, 21 April 2018

With Martha otherwise occupied, Janet makes her play for Michael.

(Strip Number 1447, Original Publication Date, 22 April 1989)

Panel 1: Janet says, “What’s the matter, Mike?”  Considering the hunchback that Mike is sporting on his left shoulder, this is a reasonable question.   I think Lynn Johnston was trying to draw him leaning into his left shoulder, but there is something about that straight body and head that makes it look more hunchback like.  If she could have only tilted his head to the side like she does in Panel 2, but that would require that eraser thing she hated using.

Panel 2: Janet looks to her left to see Martha and Lawrence silhouette dancing with their faces close enough that kissing might be coming soon.  While that is distracting, Janet’s arms go all Elastigirl.  She folds her right arm completely back on itself and then wraps her left arm around her body and onto the other side around the right arm.  I have tried and I cannot do it.

Is it Elastigirl or Janet wearing a costume?

In the meantime, Mike takes his left hand and shoves it underneath his right armpit in imitation of Janet, but he fails because he is not Elastigirl.  He is just a Patterson and should be happy he can grow a hunchback at will.

Panel 3: A drink out of nowhere appears beside Janet.  I suspect Janet stretched her arm across the room and picked it up without leaving her seat.  Janet suggests that Mike dump Martha and find somebody else.  Initially I thought that perhaps Janet did not understand how dumping someone works.  In order to dump someone, you have to be the dumper and not the dumpee.  However, I see she is playing off Mike’s massive ego.  He might not be that much into Janet, but the idea that he could claim he dumped Martha and not the other way around would definitely appeal to him.

Panel 4:  For a second day in a row a Patterson has the goggle-eyed look of shock on his face and it is completely and totally justified.    Mike has never thought of Janet this way, even though Lynn Johnston did lay the groundwork for this a few months back when Janet insisted on being his instructor on how to treat Martha. 

Summary: Back in my single days, I ran across girls like this a lot.  There was a certain kind of girl who didn’t like the guy so much, but really liked the idea of taking the guy from another girl.  They found guys to be the most interesting if they already had a girlfriend.