April 16th, 2018


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

You can lead a teenager to loud music, but you can’t make them dance.

(Strip Number 5116, Original Publication Date, 19 April 1989)

Panel 1: BOOMPCHA KA-WHOOMPA FOOPA-BOOM BOOM-CHA BLAM.  Honesty, with these kind of music sound effects, I would almost draw the conclusion the Milgorough teenagers are listening to Volkstümliche Musik or in other words a German Oompah Band.  Is John startled by the choice of music or the loudness?  Let us see.

Panel 2: Instead of peering around the corner of the basement door, John has chosen to sniff around the door.  Well a nose that size has to be good for something.

Panel 3: John gets downstairs and it turns out he wasn’t concerned about either the German Oompah music or the loudness of the sound.  He was concerned because he didn’t hear (or smell) the kids were dancing.   Michael says, “We’re not in the mood,” but clearly he is unaware of Lawrence and Martha checking each other out in the background.  I think they are in the mood.

Panel 4: Michael says that Elly won’t let them turn up the music, because as you know, teenagers can only dance once the music achieves a certain decibel level.  The joke is probably that John thinks the volume is already too loud, but if he is able to have an easy conversation with Michael without having to go into a different room and shut the door, then I agree with Michael.  The music is too soft. 

That said, if I walked in on a teenager party and they were standing around doing nothing, I would wonder what the kids were doing before I walked in and they spotted me coming.

Summary: Those crazy kids and their Oompah Band music.  Ja!  What is the world coming to when they can’t dance a good polka without turning up the music so every German within five kilometres can hear it.