April 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Lynn lifts the scene from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" wherein Snoopy mimes the angry rant Lucy is making about listening to the director clean so that Elly's over the top reaction to mild inconveniences may be mocked.

(Strip Number 6741, Orifinal Publication date, 9 April 1989)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Elly gasp in horror because someone has been screwing around with her sewing basket again.

Panel 2: She makes that stupid bitchy rage face of hers again when she finds out that said someone has been cutting up paper with her scissors.

Panel 3: Elly bellows at Elizabeth for using her precious sewing supplies again.

Panel 4: What the angry blowhard doesn't realize is that Mike is standing behind her back doing a letter-perfect imitation of her oh-so-predictable growling "How many times have I told you to leave my things alone?"

Panel 5: He also mimes that stupid palms-out "they shot Jim Kirk in the gut" pleading gesture when she tries yet again to turn cutting paper! with her GOOD SCISSORS!!! into a war crime perfectly.

Panel 6: Elly is starting to notice a reaction that isn't the longed-for craven apology for being a selfish and cruel child that yearns to destroy the mother she hates when jabbing her finger in the air like the angry fucking lunatic she is and bellowing about asking first before being told that no, Mommy's belongings are off limits forever. Said evil reaction is stifled laughter because Mike can do mime THAT speech too because he's also heard it so many times before.

Panel 7: Since Liz isn't taking her angry beefing with the seriousness Elly expects, she stops mid-rant to glower.

Panel 8: She turns her head to look at Mike playing the innocent.

Panel 9: She's baffled when he walks away laughing.

Panel 10: Since she doesn't know what happened, she doesn't know how ridiculous she looks when she says that she's sick of her kids doing stuff behind her back.

Summary: This sort of thing leads directly to next year's "KAPOW!!!!" because the worst thing that the kids do is tell a horrible, hurtful lie about how Elly is an angry, self-pitying moron who was born to lecture and hates to forgive.