March 30th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Easter Sunday 2018

As one could expect, Elly makes Liz inviting her friends over to colour Easter eggs and the resultant mess and acrimony into a huge-ass problem. Ah, well.....nailing herself to a cross is seasonal!!!

(Strip Number 6759, Original Publication Date, 26 March 1989)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elizabeth asking the back of Elly's head if she can invite the friends that are already with her (Dawn Enjo and the three Nichols children) over an'colour some Easter eggs. Elly says that it's okay as long as they don't make a mess. (This means that it's not actually okay.)

Panel 2: Since Liz has no idea that Elly has never trusted her much, her confident "Trust me!" is, of course, taken as a cue to panic.

Panel 3: We start things off for real with Christopher telling Richard to not hog the eggs because he's already done four.

Panel 4: When Richard angers everyone else by cheerfully pouring the red dye into the blue, Liz yells for MA!!!!! to fix this.

Panel 5: Dawn gets in on the petty sniping by telling Elizabeth to let go of the white crayon because she had it first.

Panel 6: Liz tackles Richard and tells him that she doesn't care if he ripped his bunny sticker because the one he's appropriated is HERS!!

Panel 7: He replies by sniveling about narcing on her for spilling green dye on him.

Panel 8: Having had quite enough of the evil noise from Hell that is 'children disagreeing', Angry Idiot Elly tells Liz that next year, she's not allowed to have friends to come over to colour eggs. Elizabeth asks her why.

Panel 9: When she looks at the kids yapping at each other and making a mess, Elly is even more gobsmacked by Elizabeth's comment about company making it more fun than she would be if they'd behaved quietly.

Summary: This, I think, is why people prefer Elly's warped-ass take on Christianity to her zits and vacuuming Easters. Having a dozy woman garble Gospel is less painful than watching her wish that childhood could be abolished.