March 27th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The hairstyles of the early eighties are mocked when we're reminded that Elly doesn't want to look TOO different.

(Strip Number 1432, Original Publication Date, 30 March 1989)

Panel 1: It would appear that Lynn is using this arc to club either someone or a group of people she doesn't like over the head. This is because instead of being a latter-day version of the elegant figures of her childhood memories, the hair stylist (who I'd called 'Trixie' because there weren't enough Brittanys in their early twenties yet in 1989 but thanks to howtheduck now know to be named 'Marie'.) that greets Elly is an over-the-top slovenly, slouching horror monster who chews gum like a cow.

Panel 2: Marie like totes underwhelms Elly when she asks her what kinda change she's like looking for; does Elly, like, wanna colour or does she, like, wanna new cut.

Panel 3: One wonders what Elly finds more tiresome: being told that she could have her hair in a moussed spike or a mushroom two-tone like some dumb kid not worth taking seriously or being told that this can happen by someone who speaks fluent Valley Girl.

Panel 4: Since she doesn't want to "look like a circus freak" and also since she reacts strongly in the negative to the 'slovenly', 'coarse' tone of Marie's voice, she says that she wants a quarter of an inch taken off the bottom, thanks loads.

Summary: It would seem that some stylist in North Bay is being libeled because Lynn went to the wrong hair dresser. If she wanted to not expose herself to daring new styles, she should have gone where the little old ladies go.