March 20th, 2018

Angry Candiru

Thursday, 22 March 2018: You've brought shame on your people, Michael!!!

Mike gets really God-damned stupid today when, upon hearing about Elly's past as a folk singer, howls piteously because she didn't consider the needs of some imbecile child yet to be born.

(Strip Number 5109, Original Publication Date, 23 March 1989)

Panel 1: Phil tells Mike that as part of her hippie phase, Elly took her guitar around coffee houses and sang protest songs.

Panel 2: Since The Delicate Genius To Be is still angry that she chose an old building over his reputation, the pathetic drone is in a state of panic because she sang in public instead of hiding away so he would not get teased because he is SPECIAL and she has to respect that.

Panel 3: She tries to explain that like him, she too played follow the leader like adolescents have always done.

Panel 4: Since the blistering idiot still to this day thinks that the world consists of himself and a cast of meaningless extras who only exist to bask in his glory (and also since the whinging pea-brain doesn't realize that the only way that people will find out is if he tells them), he astonishes Elly by whining about how cruel and inconsiderate she was to deliberately embarrass a total fucking imbecile son who wouldn't be born for another ten years.

Summary: The really fucking depressing part is that the 2018 Michael still probably thinks that the world rotates around him and thus still is bummed that she didn't consider his needs back then because he's an All-Canadian Jabbering Numbskull.