March 19th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

We get a one-two punch of Mike being stupid when comments about Elly's hippie past are turned into a fat joke that has him ignore what she had to push out of her pelvic region.

(Strip Number 5108, Original Publication Date, 22 March 1989)

Panel 1: Elly gives Mike the stink-eye when he picks up the conversation thread Georgia dropped and asks why she hasn't cut her hair recently because she still wears it like she did when she was a hippie.

Panel 2: Since she finds Elly's plastic flower child past difficult to reconcile with her stodgy present, Georgia asks Phil if this is true. Phil proves himself to be related to Elly as he talks with his mouth full and says that she had the whole hippie thing down what with the long hair, the peace signs and the love beads.

Panel 3: Elizabeth tries to cope with the unfamiliar word by asking Mike why they called Mommy a 'hippie.'

Panel 4: As she bends down and sticks her wide ass out for our amusement, Mike makes the smart remark "Need you ask?"

Summary: Today's episode of "I was a teenage mongrel jerk rat-bastard idiot" has Mike not especially want to remember what Elly had to push out thirteen years ago to spread her hips. This is because he doesn't want to admit that when Elly says "You did this to me!!!", she's right.

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FANS Funds for the arts on the north shore

Join the FANS board for a casual and intimate evening
in a beautiful  heritage home setting with FANS Distinguished Artist Award Winner Lynn Johnston.

Lynn will be discussing her creative process,
“For Better or For Worse”

Cake tastings and auction by North Shores finest bakeries.
Friday, April 20, 7:00 p.m.

Tickets: $40 – Get Yours Here

Even though we never got a write up from Lynn about her trip with Paul Lucas to the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival last year, it appears that she and Paul Lucas have managed to find a way for them both to perform on the same stage along with goodies from a bakery.  Does it get any better than that?!!

This one would be one to attend and I can only hope someone will make a video.  I wonder how many times during the course of her presentation that Lynn will call Paul her "partner" and hint about how she would love to be engaged and living with him in a shack in Atlin.