March 12th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

We end the arc with a strip that gives a lot of people problems. This is because Liz thinks that she's been forgiven for lying about her honest screwup but she really hasn't.

(Strip Number 5103, Original Publication Date, 15 March 1989)

Panel 1: We find Liz being double-teamed by her parents about what a horrible child and hateful disappointment she is. We lead off with unspoken yapping from John that, given that he is merely selfish and not fucking insane like Elly, points out that from now on, Mommy is going to assume that everything coming out of her mouth is a lie.

Panel 2: Rage-faced Bitch Elly starts there wordlessly screaming at her about what's probably a torrent of consciousness rant that has its premise the lunatic assumption that if Liz had feelings or decency, she wouldn't be an eight year old with a tendency to zone out.

Panel 3: John makes an effort to reassure Liz by telling her that she messed up but will do better next time. Since she feels like shit because Elly stood around screaming that she's a despicable child that she cannot love, Liz is crying when she says "Uh-huh".

Panel 4: Since she doesn't remember that the next day, Elly is probably going to ask why her child takes words Mommy says because she was angry that she doesn't "actually" mean seriously, Liz smiles as she hugs John and thought-bubbles that a lecture means more when it comes with a hug. Remember, the dumb bitch who thinks she's forgiving and kind doesn't admit to herself that what happens in childhood matters when it's not happening to her.

Summary: The "wrong thing" John mentioned is "not trusting in Elly's kindness" because it's pretty much a certainty that the next time she and Connie have coffee, Elly will moan about the baffling problem Liz of lying to her loving mother because John says she mistakes her for an angry, unyielding jerk who thinks that everyone everywhere wants to destroy her. Remember, Elly still doesn't realize that she's an angry, narcissistic monster who can't feel anyone's pain but her own.