February 27th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Rather than buckle down and do his job, pansy Mike starts howling for MAMA to save him from the horrible prospect of having to change Leah's diaper.

(Strip Number 1426, Original Publication Date, 23 February 1989)

Panel 1: As Mike carries Leah off to bed, he tries to get her to stop howling "Wan'MAMAH" by telling her that her mother will be home soon. This is because he is Elly's child and thus thinks that he can talk to a developmentally-delayed three year old like she was a little adult.

Panel 2: We find him standing next to her crib trying to get her to admit that since he's never changed a diaper before, she should sit quietly in her own shit and stop howling for her mother.

Panel 3: She still won't settle down despite his attempts to shush her.

Panel 4: Since nothing is working, he confuses her by howling WAN'MA-MAH!!!! at the top of his lungs.

Summary: As I said yesterday, we can probably expect a Little Lindy show about how hard it was to deal with colicky toddlers whose diapers needed changing and how growing up didn't change things much.