February 19th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Christopher and Richard don't waste all that much time turning into hyperactive demon spawn who want to mangle Michael.

(Strip Number 1420, Original Publication Date, 15 February 1988)

Panel 1: As Anne puts on her coat, she tells Mike that there's a bottle in the fridge for Leah, he can help himself to a snack and that she and Steve will be back by ten.

Panel 2: As she kisses her innocent-looking bastards from hell children goodbye, she says that since this is his first baby sitting job, she's told the boys to be on their best behaviour.

Panel 3: As he waves good-bye, he doesn't notice the evil grin on Christopher's face.

Panel 4: This leaves him blindsided when the two of them yell "CHAAAAAARGE" and get him into a headlock.

Summary: The horrifying thing about tonight is that I think that the horrible little monsters actually are on their best behaviour. This is, of coutse, because Anne is indulgent and also Catholic and no, Lynn is not mindlessly chanting sectarian bullshit she's too stupid to question.