February 9th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 11 February 2018

We get a broad hint as to why John and Elly don't get adequate rest when it's made obvious that they're both going to spend the night passive-aggressively stewing about Elly's feet being ice cold.

(Strip Number 6739, Original Publication Date, 5 February 1989)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the end of another busy day. As John beds down for the night, he yawns as he puts his eyeglasses on his nightstand.

Panel 2: He smacks his lips contentedly as he prepares for what he falsely thinks will be a pleasant night's sleep.

Panel 3: Conflict emerges when he notices that Elly is putting on heavy wool socks before getting into bed.

Panel 4: Instead of realizing that this is because her feet get cold and simply shrugging it off, he acts as if he's never gotten into bed with her before and looks at her as if she's from Mars or something.

Panel 5: He doubles down on forgetting who she is when he laughs at her. Instead of explaining herself, she gets all rage-faced and takes her socks off.

Panel 6: This is so she can angrily jam them into the small of his back.

Panel 7: Since her poor circulation means that her extremities are ice cold, John reacts by yelling in pain.

Panel 8: As she smugly puts her socks back on for a night of growling to herself about how he wants her to freeze to death, he's ready for his own night of passively stewing about her cold-ass feet.

Summary: The thing you can't help but notice about this idiot is that he can't seem to remember who he married no matter how many times he gets the shock of his life when her freezing feet meet his bare back. Starting tomorrow, howtheduck will spend next week telling you that Mike's his father's son because he can't remember that Martha has feelings no matter how many times it's explained to him that she does.