February 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Today, Michael is evil because he proposes a practical solution to the problem and thus hates Elly's ability to express herself or some such nonsense.

(Strip Number 5092, Original Publication Date, 2 March 1989)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly being really bad at training Farley to stay out of the garbage; her ineptitude at doing so (as is evidenced by her thinking that pointing at the garbage and yelling "SEE THAT, FARLEY?! NO!! BAD DOG!!! BAD, BAD DOG!!!" is going to work) attracts the attention of Mike's silhouette.

Panel 2: Mike asks her what she thinks she's doing. She tells him that she thinks she's training Farley to stay out of the garbage.

Panel 3: Since he knows this isn't going to work, he points out that the Fongs have a nice wooden garbage box and asks her why they simply don't get one. Being told of a way to keep Farley out of the trash without making her look like a moron who doesn't know what she's doing causes her to have brain failure and get all gobsmacked.

Panel 4: Since she thinks a smiling Mike is trying to steal a victory from her, she grouses about his being a typical kid who wants something the neighbours have.

Summary: As I hinted at earlier in the week, it's not all "Dogs are filthy and stupid and no, I'm not simply terrible at dealing with pets" this week; we must also deal with Lynn's grudge against the children who 'want to make her look like a fool'.