February 4th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

We continue on from yesterday with a dialog-free strip about how Farley prefers the table scraps that he's been accidentally trained to eat to the pet food his angry idiot caretaker wants him to eat.

(Strip Number 5090, Original Publication Date, 28 February 1989)

Panel 1: A few seconds after Farley digs in, the loud, always angry female creature starts shouting at him for tearing up the garbage bags to get to the tasty food she doesn't want him to have.

Panel 2: What the loud creature doesn't realize is that brandishing the can of pet food WHILE bellowing in an angry tone of voice is going to set up the association "Alpo = ANGER."

Panel 3: She scoops the food into the dish while still angrily hollering at him. Again, this means that he's going to think that the food is a punishment because as far as I can remember, she never praises him for eating the food she actually wants him to eat.

Panel 4: The woman writing the strip imagines that he's wistfully dreaming of demonstrating his hatred for the love in Elly's Great Big Heart by happily eating the garbage instead of her loving bargain bucket pet food of smelling worse than garbage because she doesn't understand dogs either. In real life, the dog would simply be confused because for no reason that makes sense, the human screamed at him again.

Summary: One of the cool things about "Farley And The Lost Bone" is that it faithfully reproduces the Elly who doesn't have the blindest idea of what makes Farley's mind work. We're going to spend another six years or so watching her be totally baffled and angered by easily predictable behaviour she just can't fathom so it's good to have the kids' book be sort of in continuity with the strip.