January 31st, 2018

Angry Candiru

Friday, 2 February 2018: Here we go again...again.....

We get a sort of Scooby Doo summation as to why Liz feels anxious about her looks when we're reminded that her older brother is an abrasive asshole who can only feel good about himself when he knows that she's miserable.

(Strip Number 1412, Original Publication Date, 3 February 1989)

Panel 1: As Liz hangs up her winter jacket, Elly (who's carrying her signature pile of laundry) makes a note of her good mood; Liz explains that her friend Candace said she wasn't weird looking after all.

Panel 2: A shadow of imbecile malice looms in the background when Elly confirms Candace's belief and goes on to say that she's a pretty little girl whose face is perfectly normal.

Panel 3: Someone perfectly abnormal barges in and kills the mood when Mike asks "Hey! You talking about Bozo Beak here?" and upsets Liz and Elly.

Panel 4: As he runs away from a good thrashing, the asshole smiles and thought-bubbles that teasing is his life.

Summary: Yes, tearing Liz down to build himself because the pig-headed idiot is convinced that life is a zero-sum game is his life. In ten days, howtheduck talks about something else that's his life: being a hypocritical idjit self-servingly painting every single thing Martha and her friends do in the most negative light possible so as to avoid facing the fact that he's a shitty excuse for a boyfriend.